Debbie Smith

Debbie first tried yoga because it was the only class her gym offered on Sundays. Her initial reaction was, “I don’t know what I’m doing, but the teacher is really nice and I like the lying down part at the end,” and that was apparently enough to keep her coming back :) Over time as she began to learn the poses, Debbie began to realize that she was also learning to love yoga, and was intrigued by the way it was teaching her things about her own body that she had been oblivious to for decades. This journey of discovery led Debbie to Darling Yoga, where she became certified through Yoga Alliance as a RYT® (Registered Yoga Teacher) in 2019.  Debbie loves mindful movement in the Hatha yoga style, linking breath, movement and balance with a slow flow teaching style. Not an athlete and naturally uncoordinated, she loves making yoga accessible to people who feel as awkward as she once did. She feels particularly drawn to helping students find modifications that are best suited to their unique one in eight billion bodies. Through tools such as those found in the practice of yoga, Debbie believes you can learn new things about this amazing vessel you've been given, even after all this time you've spent living in it. The hero's journey is less about becoming someone new, and more about uncovering the gem you already are and letting it shine!