Jessica Bahr

A Gaiam VHS from the college library first set Jessica on her yoga journey. Experience as a competitive athlete had taught that only body-punishing workouts “counted.” But that yoga tape revealed a better way to care for one’s body, mind and spirit in union together. Jessica is passionate about practicing and teaching yoga as healthy, intuitive movement. As someone with psoriatic arthritis, Jessica understands how bodies require different care each day. She tries to teach in a way that offers freedom for individual needs, along with opportunity to find joy in challenge. Yoga’s spiritual pathway is also very meaningful to Jessica. As a long-time church music leader, the idea of yoga as embodied prayer or song is inspiring and continually draws her back to the mat, especially on days when her body isn’t so willing. Jessica completed her yoga teacher training with Emily Darling and Christy Burnette at Darling Yoga. She’s grateful to the teachers who’ve invested so much time in deepening her understanding of yoga, especially Emily Darling, Sarah Kucera and Ashley Walburn. Jessica is also a marketing professional and girls’ volleyball coach. She lives in Olathe with her husband and two spicy kids.

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