Molly Becker

Since her first introduction to yoga in 2015 during her freshman year of college, Molly found an unexpected passion for yoga. The seemingly simple practice of movement and breath uncovered an innate sense of peace and love within her. The classes soon became a steady routine as she learned to listen to her body and tap into the needs of her mind and spirit. Through her 8 years of practice, Molly has continued to deepen her practice, valuing the connection she felt to both the yoga and the community. With such admiration for her teachers, she uncovered a dream to follow their footsteps and share that yogic practice with others.  While this dream was a far off one, she chose to listen to a quiet and intuitive voice in her mind, encouraging her to pursue her aspirations. This led her to Darling Yoga to train under Emily Darling and Melanie Nicsinger for her RYT 200 hour certification in 2023. Molly is eager to provide a welcoming environment for her students, offering the freedom to challenge their abilities and nurture their growth. She aims to help them develop a bridge between their body and breath, open their mind, and connect to their spirit